• Root Canal Therapy

    Treat Severe Decay with Root Canal Therapy

    Root canal therapy is a more involved treatment than a dental filling, and may be necessary when infection reaches a tooth’s internal chamber (called the pulp). The pulp is connected to the root, which travels underneath the gums and into your jawbone. The nerves, tissues, and blood vessels within the pulp die when infected by oral bacteria, and besides severe tooth pain, it can also result in the spread of infection through the tooth’s root canals.

    If a tooth is damaged and its pulp is exposed, then root canal therapy can also prevent internal decay before oral bacteria infect the vulnerable tissues. Dr. Criss will carefully access the tooth’s pulp, and then remove the necrotic tissues and nerves from the chamber and root canals. Then, he will seal the root canal and fill the cavity to reinforce and protect it. A dental crown may need to be placed over the tooth afterwards for increased protection and to improve the tooth’s appearance.