• Periodontal Cleaning

    Deep Periodontal Cleaning

    Regular checkup and cleaning appointments are necessary for preventing oral bacteria from becoming a serious threat to your smile. However, in some cases, regular cleaning isn’t enough to prevent every threat, such as when oral bacteria work their way underneath your gums. These bacteria can lead to the development of gingivitis – the first stage of gum disease – which can increase your risks of tooth loss as it erodes your gum tissues and jawbone. To prevent this, your dentist might recommend periodontal cleaning, or deep cleaning, to access and remove the bacteria that are infecting your gums.

    Deep cleaning is one of the most important measures in preventing and addressing gum disease. If your gingivitis is detected early enough, then periodontal cleaning may be able to reverse the condition and help you avoid the damages it can cause to your oral health. If your gum disease is more progressed, then it could be just the first step in an ongoing periodontal maintenance plan.