Celebrate The 4th At The Independence Day Concert!

Summer is heating up our days, and the Fourth Of July will be here before we know it! This year, you and your family can enjoy a terrific holiday celebration by checking out the Independence Day Concert, held at Rapid City’s Main Street Square. While many public events for the Fourth limit themselves to fireworks displays, the Independence Day Concert will offer Rapid City residents a chance to enjoy a number of fun activities during the day, including a performance from the US Air Force Heartland of America Band. This is event is a great way to feel the patriotic spirit, and a wonderful opportunity to share a great moment with your family. (more…)

Poor Dental Alignment Can Affect More Than Just Your Smile

Crooked teeth, or teeth that are poorly spaced, can make a person feel unhappy with the  way they look when they smile. If you have an issue with poor dental alignment, you may be all too familiar with those feelings of self-doubt. Unfortunately, the issue this creates is more than just cosmetic. Your poor alignment could put you at a higher risk for cavities, and it could create issues with TMJ dysfunction. With ClearCorrect, you can fix alignment issues, and enjoy a treatment experience that does not involve conspicuous metal braces. Many people who seek treatment with these clear aligners are approved for this modern approach to orthodontic care. If you have questions, or if you are ready to start treatment, schedule an appointment to find out more!  (more…)

What Can Happen To My Tooth If I Delay A Cavity Treatment?

Some patients will avoid necessary restorative dental care because they feel anxious about treatment. In some cases, a person may put off treatment simply because they refuse to make time for it. What you should know is that when you delay restorative work for any reason, you give your problem the opportunity to worsen. Eventually, a cavity will works its way into your pulp, which will make a root canal treatment necessary. In the most severe cases, a cavity can make the tooth’s extraction necessary. If you find out you need a cavity removed during a routine dental exam, or if you feel something is wrong with your tooth, seeking prompt care will help you avoid bothersome complications. (more…)

Exciting Cosmetic Changes Made Possible By Porcelain Veneers

Some people will have issues with their natural smile, due to poor alignment, or the presence of teeth that are abnormally shaped or sized. In other cases, a person can feel bothered by how discoloration, or a dental injury, might affect how they look. Cosmetic dental work has proven effective at addressing congenital flaws, and problems that developed more recently. One popular solution is the placement of porcelain veneers on flawed teeth. With veneers, you can cover up a range of different problems. You can use this single procedure to make your smile look brighter, healthier, and more uniform.  (more…)

Finding Out How Dental Implants Can Restore Your Smile

When a patient has suffered the loss of even one tooth, the appropriate prosthetic dental support can have a profound impact on their oral health, and their appearance. Missing teeth can make a person self-conscious about how they look, interfere with their diet, and even cause further losses to occur. If you are someone with an interest in regaining their complete smile, you should know that you can benefit from discussing dental implants with your dentist. Dental implants offer you a way to keep your restoration permanently secure. With this superior degree of support, your prosthetic can be more capable of handling biting and chewing pressures, and you can feel more comfortable with its presence. There are also benefits to the state of your jawbone, which can deteriorate over time after tooth loss. (more…)

3 Things Everyone Should Know About Tooth Decay

Many people, despite their efforts to prevent them, will have at least one cavity develop over their lifetime. This can happen because they fail to brush and floss effectively, because their teeth are naturally weaker against them, or because they have an excess of sugary products in their diet. It can easily be a combination of these factors. No matter what the cause, a cavity is something that you should take seriously. The longer you wait to restore your tooth, the worse your decay will become. Delaying treatment can lead to your needing a root canal procedure to properly restore your tooth. Understanding what a cavity does, and why the problem needs to be taken seriously, can help patients recognize the need to practice good oral care at home, and to see their dentist for regular dental exams. (more…)

Making A Renewed Commitment To Enjoy Routine Dental Care

Unless your dentist recommends a different time line due to a special set of oral health circumstances dictate otherwise, you should plan to attend regular dental exams every six months. At every routine preventive appointment, you are receiving important feedback about the condition of your smile, as well as receiving an expert dental cleaning. Patients who keep up with these visits can enjoy better oral health overall, and they can go longer without needing restorative dental work. If you have taken a long break from routine dental care, you may worry about what you hear from your dentist when you return. While this can be an uncomfortable feeling, you should know that by going in for an appointment after a long break, you can receive important oral health support. (more…)

Enjoy The Find Your Park Festival June 9

With so many great parks accessible to South Dakota residents, it can be hard to pick which one – or which ones – to visit during your summer vacation. Fortunately, Rapid City families can take advantage of the Find Your Park Festival to find the right destination for them! On Saturday, June 9, Main Street Square will welcome more than twenty booths set up, each offering useful information about the various parks in the Black Hills area. In addition to having access to helpful information, visitors to the Find Your Park Festival will be able to enjoy giveaways and discounts offered at this event, as well as educational talks and demonstrations from experts. If you want to enjoy some outdoor time this summer, the Find Your Park Festival is a great way to gather useful information about where to go! (more…)

Using A Crown To Restore Damage From Teeth Grinding

Your teeth face threats from oral bacteria, as well as from biting and chewing pressures. If you have a habit of grinding your teeth, particularly at night, you can potentially create enough force to chip or crack a tooth. If this happens, you may need a dental crown to provide the appropriate support. Your dentist can have you protected with a life-like crown in just a single appointment, thanks to CEREC technology. While this certainly addresses the problem of dental damage, the problem of teeth grinding still needs to be confronted. With a special oral appliance, your dentist can help you avoid future issues with dental damage caused by this habit. (more…)

Quiz: ClearCorrect Can Offer Important Smile Improvements

When you think about undergoing orthodontic work, you may imagine yourself with metal braces, and feel less than thrilled at the prospect of your treatment. What you might not realize is that you can qualify for orthodontic treatment with ClearCorrect, meaning your aligners will be difficult to see. In addition to avoiding any intrusion on your appearance, these aligners can be removed, so you can take them off when you need to eat, or clean your teeth. With that said, you should make sure to keep them in as often as possible, to avoid treatment delays. While there are apparent cosmetic benefits to straightening your teeth, you should know that there are additional benefits, as you can have an easier time avoiding oral health issues. (more…)